Gaunt Face

My name is Matt Gaunt and this is my little space on the interweb.

I'm a Developer Advocate @ Google by day and a guitar playing, terrible DJ & amatuer photographer at night.

Here you'll find some of the bits and bobs I've been working on and some info about how to get in touch.

Mobile Apps


Using the Admob API I created a simple client which allows users to view their profits and stats.

Currently in beta and still under development to improve the login process, which changed after Google's acquisition.


At Future Platforms I was part of the team who developed the Android version of the Glastonbury 2011 festival app.

We were featured on the Android Market and won the "Best Music App" at the BT Music Awards.

FB Sync

To scratch a bit of a personal itch, I created an app which would sync your contact photos with your friends Facebook profile pictures.

While the official Facebook app does this, Facebook Sync allows you to manually match contacts and will not sync unless requested manually, preventing the app from draining your battery.


Before leaving Future Platforms to work in the fun world of developer relations I worked on the Domino's Pizza application for iPhone.

It's a stunning looking app and had great fun working with Doug.

Last Minute came to Future Platforms looking to develop an app for the Nokia Qt platform.

After the development was complete Nokia asked if we would be happy to talk about our experience developing with Qt and you can see the result here.

Malaysia Airlines

Using the new harmattan design guidelines that had come in to the Qt ecosystem, Team Phaedrus developed the Malaysia Airlines app.

Love the Squircle.

Fuel Prices

My first ever commercial Android app.

This is where it started!

Developing for Android v1.5, this app would show the nearest petrol stations with the cheapest fuel and was featured on the Android Market.

I also worked on a Blackberry port, however there wasn't enough time to launch & support the application.


During the third year of my Degree, I worked in a team of 6 people, to create Drop.

Working alongside Fintan Darragh, Rob Frampton, Jack O'Connor, Samuel Smith and Dan Welsh we created a first person shooter with a twist.

Making use of 2 Wii remotes (Wiimotes), one for a gun (i.e. pointing at the screen to shoot) and one for tracking head movement, the player was immersed into Drop's gameplay, where head movement was needed to hide and move around within the game.

We were lucky enough to get featured in Linux Format magazine.



I'm currently a Developer Advocate @ Google helping developers make awesome mobile web experiences.

My time is spent helping partners develop for the platform, writing sample codes & blog posts and presenting at a range of conferences & Universities.

Future Platforms

Before joining Google I was a Mobile Developer at Future Platforms in sunny Brighton, giving companies and brands the App-y goodness we all know and love.

Nothing sat still in FP HQ, I worked on Android, Qt, Blackberry & iOS platforms. Some projects were written using a cross platform tool called Kirin. Kirin is a slice of genius developed in house at Future Platforms and allowed a javascript backend to control a native UI, giving the best of cross platform and native features.


After finishing my Masters University Degree, I was Senior Android Developer @ Mubaloo in Bristol.

During my time with the team, I helped grow the Android team as the company grew from 5 to 40. This fast paced company meant my role had a number of different aspects including, business development, account management and lead android developer.

University of Bristol

My time before joining the mobile community, I was busy earning my Masters with first class honors at the University of Bristol.

It was here I found a love for software development, especially in the mobile space, which lead to my work on an implementation of the Sixth Sense concept (In brief, mobile devices + mobile projectors = fun possibilities).


Please feel free to drop me a line via any of the links below, I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.